As you would be aware, the Western Australian Government has advised that Perth, Peel and South West regions are out of lockdown. Businesses can reopen and people can go back to work. Some restrictions are in place for Perth and Peel until 12.01am Sunday 14 February.

Follow the WA Government’s official advice website for full details.

Members should take particular note that in Perth and Peel, masks are still mandatory outside the home, including workplaces and travel outside or into the region is restricted. The WA Government allows travel into or out of the Perth/Peel region for work purposes and you are encouraged to apply for a G2G Pass.

The API is continuing to liaise with the WA Government and is lobbying to ensure all valuation services are included as an essential service if the region is to go into lockdown in the future. If we are successful in this, it should provide local Members with more confidence about their work arrangements.

Kind regards,

Amelia Hodge

CEO – Australian Property Institute