As you are no doubt aware Victoria has announced another lockdown from midnight tonight. Whilst the uncertainty is very challenging for all, as a community we’ve demonstrated we know what needs to be done and how to navigate through this. So with this in mind, we felt our communication was better focused on sharing our empathy for our Members who are impacted by this. As we continue to be impacted by lockdowns around the country, it is our sincere hope that these decrease in length and frequency and that we collectively manage to successfully get through this as best we can.

If you do need, you will find our covid updates, announcements and protocols on our COVID-19 Hub, but we are confident that our Victorian Members are well versed in navigating a lockdown.

Through each recurrence of lockdown, and in particular for anyone who has had to cancel well deserved holidays, milestone celebrations, or exciting well laid plans, we are thinking of you. I encourage you to reach out to friends, colleagues and family should you need, and of course please reach out if there is any assistance we at the API are able to provide.

Kind regards,

Amelia Hodge

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