As parts of QLD enter the first business day under the current lockdown restrictions we wanted to reach out and provide advice on how the current situation impacts on Members.

The current lockdown whilst similar does have some stricter conditions to previous lockdowns. Fortunately, the lockdown conditions for workers in locked down LGAs allow Members to undertake valuation work in the following conditions.

  • Perform essential work or volunteering or an essential business activity or undertaking that cannot be done from your residence.
  • Attend any court or tribunal of Australia or to comply with or give effect to orders of the court or tribunal of Australia
  • Comply with or give effect to the exercise of a power or function of a government agency or entity under a law

Under these clauses, Members are able to perform bank valuations that support our essential services sector, as well as court valuations and any valuations required for government purposes. Where undertaking this work, we recommend carrying our API letter of support as well as the relevant work details from your employer.

Be mindful of the restrictions of visitors to homes and if you are not able to inspect a vacant property, refer to the API COVID-19 protocols.

You should be mindful of your safety and the safety of clients or occupants and follow your employer’s safety protocols when undertaking work. You can also find Covid Safe guidelines in our Covid-19 Hub, should you be a small business owner or not have access to established employer guidelines.

On a personal note, my parents and children are right in the epicentre of the Inner West hot spot and frequent both exposure sites and have networks already exposed, so, as for many of you, there are very personal fretful and stressful days ahead as this plays out, whilst all having to navigate work requirements and client needs.

Please stay safe and if I can support you in any way whatsoever, please reach out.

Kind regards,

Amelia Hodge

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