As lockdown measures lift around the country and mobility is starting to increase, it is our strongest possible advice that all Members get vaccinated if they have not done so already. With many states including Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales requiring authorized workers to be fully vaccinated, it is expected that this will grow to include the entire country.

Our advice is grounded in not only the interests of public health and policy but, most importantly, ensuring, as we have tried to over the entire pandemic, that our Members can, wherever possible, continue to operate unhindered.

Increasingly, it is likely that requirements for fully vaccinated staff will not only come from government mandates but also commercial entities such as clients, suppliers and other key industry stakeholders.

For any Members in a State where this is required, if you are unable to be vaccinated, you are able to arrange an exemption on medical grounds, however, you will need to visit your State COVID website to find out specific information.

As always, we will continue to monitor the situation and provide further advice on how the pandemic applies to our profession. We remain confident in the strength and resilience of our membership and, on a more personal note, will draw significant comfort from knowing our Members’ personal safety is protected.