PropertyPRO Technology Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the release of the new PropertyPRO+ application as previously foreshadowed in the joint announcement by the API and PropertyPRO Technology last year.

The new PropertyPRO+ application is developed in full conformance with the PropertyPRO Supporting Memorandum 2020 (PPSM) and has been endorsed by the API for compliance to the PPSM.

The PropertyPRO+ is a modern, responsive web-based application that has been developed and tested to work on all devices including desktops, tablets and most smartphones that run modern browsers.  For more details click here.

In addition to a modern design and rich user experience, the application is fully integrated with ValEx to seamlessly receive valuation requests from the ValEx system and submit completed jobs back to the client via the ValEx platform. The application implements full job lifecycle workflow including status updates, queries and amendments. Valuation Firms and Valuers can opt in to receive email and SMS notification for new jobs and workflow status updates. A list of features is available here.

PropertyPRO+ application will be available for subscription from 5th April 2020, the date of official release of the PPSM 2020. We are also offering a free trial period for Valuation Firms to get firsthand experience of the application before signing up. Interested Valuation Firms can see more details and register their interest for the free trial here.

For more information and any application related queries, please contact [email protected].

The PropertyPRO+ Team