The International Valuation Standards Council and the World Association of Valuation Organisations Sign MOC  

The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), the global valuation standard setter for the valuation profession, and the World Association of Valuation Organisations (WAVO), a global organisation of national valuation bodies; are continuing to strengthen ties by signing a Memorandum of Co-operation (MOC).  Signed this year on 7 June at the IVSC-WAVO Global Valuation Conference held in Christchurch, New Zealand, the two global organisations propose to jointly promote the importance of adopting the international valuation standards and to promote training and education to enhance the competency of practitioners in the valuation industry. 

As the global setter of standards, the main focus of IVSC is to develop a set of globally recognised valuation standards that provide transparency and consistent approach, critical for cross-border transactions and international business deals.   WAVO, the umbrella body of national valuation organisations, focus on the development of the valuation profession through education, training and building professional competencies of valuers.  Understanding and applying IVSC valuation standards form part of WAVO’s efforts to develop the valuation profession.   The use of IVSC standards for the training of valuers help to develop a globally accepted set of standards and commit valuers to adopt a single set of standards.    

CEO Nick Talbot said:

International Valuation Standards are more important than ever in defining a quality, consistent and transparent global approach to valuation across all asset classes. Linked to this, education, professionalism and ethics are also fundamental components in helping professionals deliver quality valuations and IVSC is happy to continue to work with WAVO and it’s member organisations in enabling valuers to provide quality and consistency.” 

Dr Adrian Crivii, Executive President of WAVO added:

At this 4th IVSC-WAVO Global Valuation Conference 2023, WAVO and IVSC have once more collaborated to bring forth not just a conference to connect property experts and to share knowledge and expertise with one another. This signing of the further MOC between the two world bodies solidify the call to valuation practitioners globally that standards and competency are critical ingredients to ensure a lifelong sustainability in the valuation realm. While opportunities abound, there are similarly constant challenges valuation practitioners must be ready to engage.”  

The API is a full member of both the IVSC and WAVO.  Our members continue to be involved with both global organisations with Robert Hecek LFAPI as the current president elect of WAVO, (becoming President in June 2024), John Martin LFAPI ss the current chair of the IVSC Advisory Forum Working Group, and Kim Hildebrandt AAPI as the current chair of the IVSC Tangible Assets Board.