As part of our strategic plan, we are currently systematically reviewing our standards to meet the needs of members for the changing market conditions. Recently we have undertaken a review of APGP403 Land Contamination Issues and produced an updated guidance paper ANZVGP 115 Contamination Issues – Real Property.  

The API along with our colleagues in New Zealand have reviewed the feedback and comments received during the consultation period and finalised the updated guidance paper. 

 The extensive review has culminated in an updated paper for Members including Valuers providing professional services in relation to real property that is contaminated or which the contamination status is unknown or uncertain, including, but not limited to: 

  • the existence and effect of contamination; 
  • the current interpretation of the law; 
  • the effect of legislation; 

The updated Guidance Paper  ANZVGP 115 Contamination Issues – Real Property is available here.

The purpose of this guidance paper is to outline information, issues and approaches relating to contamination issues impacting and affecting real property assets. 

Any queries, please contact the standards team at [email protected]