On Friday, June 6, Amelia and Sheila presented at the 2023 Property Institute of New Zealand (PINZ), International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), and World Association of Valuing Organisations (WAVO) Global Valuation Conference 2023 in Christchurch. 

Amelia and Sheila presented on the macro trends affecting the property industry and their impacts on property professionals, as well as the Future of the Property Profession Report. This report has been commissioned to ensure that its members are thriving in their practises and not just surviving for the next five years and beyond. 

The conference was a fantastic opportunity to engage with our international partners and represent the API and its members. In attendance were senior leaders from the UK, Romania, South Korea, China, and Singapore. 

Robert Hecek, Chairman APIV, and President Elect WAVO also presented at the conference on the International Fire Safety Standards.