To all our RPV and CPV applicants looking to apply in the next few months – congratulations!

We would like to remind you and your employers that the modules required for your application may have changed. For those that had completed the full FPP program to the required certification level, we will be accepting that completed course up to 1 August 2021, after that date only PVT modules will be accepted.

If you have undertaken a few FPP Modules prior, credits will be provided for the FPP modules completed until 1 August 2021. Applicants until then can upgrade to the required completion level of the remaining PVT modules for the certification level you are seeking.

Before commencing your application we encourage you to review the PVT completion requirements and for those who transition utilize the checklist resource created.

As of 1 August, 2021 only PVT modules will be accepted.