The API is systematically reviewing its standards to meet the changing and future needs of Members.

The API has undertaken a review of the existing paper, AVGP 301 Assessing Rent and Rent Determinations and produced an updated guidance paper AVGP 301 Rental Advice which is a part replacement of the existing paper.  The API is currently drafting an additional paper which provides advice to Valuers undertaking rental determinations, including those instructed via the API Chair Nomination process.

The comprehensive review has resulted in an updated paper for use by Members including Valuers providing professional services relating to rental advice of real property.

For the purpose of this guidance paper, rental advice comprises:

1. a Valuer assessing rent; and

2. a Member providing advice relating to rent that does not include assessing rent.

The API is pleased to release the updated paper as an Exposure Draft for review and consultation.

Members and interested industry stakeholders are encouraged to provide comments on the exposure draft paper using the link provided here by no later than Friday 18 November 2022.

Any queries, please contact the standards team at [email protected]