The API Standards Steering Committee has approved an updated version of the Technical Information Paper (TIP)  ANZVTIP 9 Valuations of Rural and Agribusiness Properties to be released as an Exposure Draft for consultation and feedback. The Exposure Draft has been updated based on Member feedback in both Australia and New Zealand.

As part of the consultation process, Members and stakeholders are invited to provided comments and feedback on the draft document.

The purpose of this TIP is to provide advice to Valuers Members undertaking valuations of any rural or agribusiness property for any purpose.

Valuations of rural and agribusiness properties should only be undertaken by suitably qualified and experienced Valuers. The Valuers knowledge should extend to the agriculture production systems, market for the product, soils, environment and management employed to undertake such Rural and Agribusiness activities on the subject property.

The API encourages Members and stakeholders to review the Exposure Draft TIP and invite comment and feedback by no later than Friday 5 March 2021 to [email protected].

Please click here to access the Exposure Draft TIP Valuations of Rural and Agribusiness Properties.

Should you have any queries please contact the standards team at [email protected].