Following a successful pilot program across 2020/2021, the rollout of the API’s report review panel will now be active nationally. This panel forms an important part of the RPV and CPV certification process, reviewing reports prior to candidates moving to a professional interview.

The positives we have found from a centralized panel are:

  • common themes being identified;
  • consistent feedback to applicants;
  • questions for examiners to ask at interviews; and,
  • recommendations to better support the applicants.

The panel come together regularly to ensure consistent standards are being upheld. This is a rewarding role available for those with over 10 years of certified experience, where you get direct engagement with the applicants, the future of the profession.  

To express your interest in joining please contact GM Membership Kristy Anderson at [email protected] or 08 6117 6805 outlining your industry experience and what you feel you could bring to the role.