We held a webinar on 17 June 2020 designed to destigmatise mental health and create better understanding of our own mind and self awareness. And it did exactly that!

John Brogden AM and Dr Maria-Elena Lukeides are campaigning this very important topic, removing the veil and urging everyone to treat mental health like any other illness. If your colleague had a broken arm, would you advise them to just push on without seeking professional advice? Or if they were showing signs of a heart attack, wouldn’t you dial triple zero immediately? Why do we not treat mental illness the same way?

It is time we all did more within our organisations, within our community and within ourselves to support our mental health and those around us.

Ask yourself this one simple question – ‘How are you feeling?’. Then ask one other person today – a friend, a colleague or loved one – ‘How is your mental health?’

All you have to do is listen.

This webinar had some powerful advice from two very experienced individuals. They have also shared the below resources for you.

Come back to this page as we will be adding more resources provided by our speakers (which will be available in your member portal in the coming week).


If you are concerned about a friend, family member or colleague’s mental health, Lifeline has put together some incredible resources on their website.

Suicide Prevention Training

LivingWorks aims to create suicide safer communities by providing training to increase suicide awareness and prevent suicide.

The training is available to any individual, organisation or community group to increase their awareness of suicide and see prevention opportunities they may otherwise miss.