10 days into Victoria’s second lockdown has shown this second wave to be significantly different to the first lockdown. With numbers continuing to increase and new daily records being set, the picture is very different to the first time around.

For our Victorian Members, staff, friends and colleagues, our thoughts are with you.

For our Members who are having difficulty conducting valuations during this period arising from travel restrictions, we would like to remind you of the resources held in our COVID hub on our website. This includes resources such as the significant market uncertainty protocol, State of emergency protocol and our virtual valuation protocols.

Last Friday we also sent the following letter to Victorian Premier the Hon. Daniel Andrews and will keep Members informed of any responses to this.

We have also prepared the following letter for all Victorian valuers to carry on their person when travelling for work purposes in case they need to respond to any questions relating to their travel. We strongly recommend that you carry copies of any emails or other evidence to demonstrate that your travel is for work purposes as this letter does not on its own demonstrate that you have met the criteria for allowable travel. However hopefully it will support your ability to move freely in the conduct of your practice.

We also encourage Members to practice extreme caution when conducting valuations to protect themselves from infection. This includes practicing social distancing, wearing face masks, not shaking hands, and of course a healthy dose of hand sanitiser before, during and after any inspections. See the full list of recommended guidelines here.

Lastly, whilst often an afterthought we would also like to reiterate the importance of building resilience and looking after your mental health. To support our Members through this we have built our wellbeing hub which has a compilation of all our mental health and wellbeing resources including tips on working from home.

We encourage you to reach out if there is any further support we can offer.

Kind regards,

Amelia Hodge



  1. Significant Market Uncertainty
  2. State of Emergency
  3. Virtual Valuation Protocols
  4. Letter to the Hon Daniel Andrews
  5. Letter for Victorian Valuers
  6. Wellbeing Hub
  7. COVID-19 Hub