With the Victorian Government announcing new Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions, I want to update you on how this affects the work of valuations across Victoria.

Under Stage 4 ‘Stay at Home’ restrictions, the default is that workplaces in metropolitan Melbourne are closed unless the workplace is part of a permitted industry. All Victorians are required to work from home, except where this is not practicable.

The Victorian Government has identified that the Financial and Insurance Services Sector, including critical banking services to support the provision of services, credit and payment facilities are allowed to open, and continue for On-Site work, while ensuring they comply with COVID safe work plans.

Valuation services to support banking, finance and insurance activities fit within this definition – a position supported by the Australian Banking Association.

You will be able to undertake valuations and should be mindful of your safety and the safety of clients or dwelling occupants and should refer to Safe Work Australia for further information you can take to ensure this.

We are seeking urgent clarification from the Victorian Government about how these restrictions affect those undertaking government and statutory valuations and will update members when this is clarified.

For those living and working along the New South Wales/Victorian border, we have also made representations to the NSW Premier to include the services of API members in the current border permit arrangements.

Members should familiarise themselves with the API’s state of emergency and significant valuation uncertainty protocols and ensure you can produce proof of work for the reason you are travelling for ease of communicating with police or other officials if you are questioned about your movements. You can find other resources to assist you at the end of this email.

Finally, I hope you are staying safe in the current environment and if you have any concerns, please reach out to myself or your Member Services Manager, Maria.

Kind regards,

Amelia Hodge,

CEO, Australian Property Institute