API State of Emergency Declaration

We have been monitoring the changing environment and reviewing when the State of Emergency can be declared over. Due to current economic uncertainty and the rising unemployment rate in Australia, the API declared State of Emergency needs to remain in place until further notice.

Updated Valuation Protocol – Significant Valuation Uncertainty

In light of the following: 

  • some restrictions easing in certain States and Territories; 
  • being three months on from the start of COVID-19; 
  • hearing anecdotal evidence that not all markets and asset classes are similarly affected by COVID-19; and 
  • the International Valuation Standards Council releasing paper dealing with market uncertainty on 31 March 2020.

We have reviewed and refined the existing version of the Significant Valuation Uncertainty Protocol which applies to Valuer Members when undertaking valuations.

To view or download a copy of the updated valuation protocol, click here.

What are the key clarifications?

  • the sample disclosure statement is only to be included where there is significant and not normal market uncertainty,  
  • it is up to the valuer to make a decision as to whether there is significant market uncertainty leading to significant valuation uncertainty, 
  • if the valuer deems there is significant valuation uncertainty, they must include a disclosure statementin the valuation report,
  • the same valuation process is to be undertaken for all valuations regardless of whether they are during COVID-19 or not; and
  • the standard of investigation, assessments and reporting by members is the same during COVID-19.

If Valuer Member deems in their professional opinion to not include a disclosure statement, they must confirm with their professional indemnity insurance policy, including any COVID-19 policy endorsements to ensure it permits exclusion.  

To view or download a copy of the updated protocol, click here.