Security and protection of the ‘personal information’ of individuals is the responsibility of all professional who engage with the public and/or receive personal information from clients or their agents.

API Valuer Members and their Corporate Employees undertaking work in Australia are subject to Australian Privacy Law including the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme which applies from 22 February 2018 and was established with the passage of the Privacy Amendment Act (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017.

Preparing for data/information privacy based regimes will involve significant retooling of many parts of businesses, which will be time consuming and costly.  It is important to be fully prepared in order to ensure compliance with privacy and data processing laws/regulations.

The API is actively pursuing an agenda to understand fully all risk issues and opportunities to improve this document in order to provide further clarity and certainty of process, systems, audit and reporting requirements.

The API has released several Member Alerts and advice in relation to the CoreLogic ‘Valuer Data Processing and Security Terms’.  These are available for downloading below:

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