Winner 1:  

Research project title: Future Workforce for the Property Industry – Are We Ready for the Change?   

Chief Investigator: Associate Professor Chyi Lin Lee 

Co-Investigators: Dr Sharon Yam, Associate Professor Connie Susilawati, Dr Andrea Blake 

This research aims to identify the property workforce of the future, assess the readiness of property practitioners and property graduates for the future property workforce, and examine changes required in property course curriculum to prepare property graduates with knowledge and skills of the future property workforce 

Winner 2: 

Research project title: Quantifying the value of ESG and the future of real estate valuation 

Chief Investigator: Associate Professor Georgia Warren-Myers 

This research intends to examine not only valuation practice but also to consult with key market actors – tenants and investors – about their priority and value of ESG and sustainability characteristics in real estate and its influence on decision-making.