Applying for RPV or CPV? It’s easy to overlook the little things, but the devil is in the detail and often the attention to the little things can make a good report a great one! Here are 5 friendly reminders from those in the Admissions:

  1. Proofreading and consistency: The proof is in the pudding and the use of correct spelling, grammar and punctuation are all hallmarks of a good quality report. Does the listed date of inspection match the date stamp on the images included in your report? Are you referring to the correct methodology or subject address throughout the report? Consistency is key!
  2. Headers, footers and page numbering: Be sure to include headers/footers and page numbers in your reports. Headers/footers should contain the subject address, any internal reference number and the date of valuation.
  3. For CPV – 3 reports, 3 property types, 3 methodologies. Your reports must demonstrate your knowledge of three different asset types, and three methodologies across the three reports.
  4. Suitability. Mortgagee in possession reports are not suitable for professional interview purposes. When deciding which reports you will submit with your application, consider what is outlined in the instructions.
  5. Remember this is your chance to shine! The reports you submit should showcase your experience and ability. Don’t make it too simple, but also don’t make it overly complicated. Choose the reports that best demonstrate your skill and the wealth of knowledge you have acquired.

And remember, help is only a click or call away – [email protected]