As you will be aware, our 2020 AGM is scheduled to be held May 27th at 4.15pm.  This is your opportunity to debate, discuss and vote on (or provide us with your Proxy) important resolutions regarding the evolution of your membership association.

This year we have put forward 2 motions for consideration. These align with our Board Strategy as the positive and logical next steps in the modernisation of the API and that keep pace with the change and modernisation of the property profession.

Whilst we have provided you with the supporting rationale (also available on our Website), we are receiving queries from some members. Therefore, we wanted to provide further information and have prepared this document to provide greater clarity for those seeking more detailed credible information, based on our realtime membership data analysis.

At a macro level, the profession is changing. It has been for some time. We see the influx of new technologies, the increasing time pressures, as well as a decline in valuation specific membership and an increase in property careers in other sectors within our eco-system.  We must be ready to further enhance the high professional standing and qualifications of our members, along with the ability to have a voice in our governance structure to meet these changes and continue to build an association that truly reflects the diversity of the property profession we are in.

Our Constitution, Objects and Purpose remain property focussed. We are not proposing changing this, in fact greatly enhancing its relevance. Not all our CPV members are practicing Valuers.  Of our 8025 members, approximately 4000 are Practicing Valuers within our APIV scheme.

The time to act is now. Additional and enhanced professional member pathways, a high-quality supporting curriculum, nationally aligned interview processes and relevant certifications take time to build. So we are continuing the work that has been undertaken (at varying rates of success) over the last 30 years, especially in 2011/2012 and getting on with the job, so to speak.

Today’s API is firmly committed to our members and delivering the highest level of service to you. Our Professional Development and Membership team is the largest API team and represents our commitment to ensuring there is someone you can talk to in every state and who you can call on.

This year we have delivered a new digital platform for members, a first of its kind standard for the virtual delivery of valuation services accepted by both banks and insurers and new strategic partnerships, with more to come.  Last year we launched cyber security, a new insurance product designed specifically to protect our members from the risk of cyber-attack. We have reviewed and refreshed our Standards and Education Steering Committees and have formed an array of important Working Groups to support our members.  These are not throwaway plugs of our achievement but represent our firm commitment to member services and protecting your financial security. This is the API2020 #YearofInnovation.

The motions being voted on will allow us to develop the necessary pathways for more products, services and most importantly, options, for our members. We have and always will encourage healthy debate and I am available to any member who wishes to ask questions, or who needs more information. I have attended State Committee and Discussion Group meetings to discuss the strategic thinking behind these motions and seek feedback and answer questions. However, we do need your support if we are going to deliver these innovations to support our members.

Kind regards,

Amelia Hodge
CEO, Australian Property Institute


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