Renew your commitment, Shape your future and Prosper with the API 

It’s that time of year to renew your membership with the Australian Property Institute. We invite you to renew your professional commitment, shape your professional journey, and propel yourself towards growth, prosperity and greater success, with a 2024 membership.   

How to renew

To renew, please review your individual invoice visible in your Member Portal.  Once in the portal, select Invoices tab in the top menu. 

Renew today

If you are a Student/Life Fellow/Honorary/Deferred member your membership automatically renews requiring no action from you. 

When are my membership fees due?

2024 Membership fees are due by 31 December 2023. 

Why renew?

As a member organisation we are here to support you and your professional journey.  The API dedicates itself to delivering member services. Here are some reasons to belong. 

  • Skill development   API offers workshops, seminars, events, webinars and training sessions to help members update and improve their skills or gain new ones.  
  • API Networking events  Opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals that create powerful connections that lead to valuable relationships, collaborations, and career opportunities. 
  • Information and resources  Bespoke resources like our online news platform, publications and research for staying up to date, as well as Standards information and guidance papers for contemporary practice. 
  • Collective Strength  The API is more than an association; it’s a collective of professionals dedicated to excellence and innovation in the property sector. 
  • Advocacy and support  Committed to representing and advancing your interests, addressing professional issues and concerns.  
  • Prestige and professional recognition  We celebrate excellence by recognising the dedication of our members, solidifying their reputations and professional standing within the sector. 
  • Career advancement  We offer job listings, collaboration programs, and access to property profession-specific conferences and events. 
  • Discounts and benefits  Negotiated discounts and benefits via our Member Rewards program, and reduced pricing on products, services, and events. 
  • Leadership/ Volunteer opportunities  We invite members to participate and develop leadership skills by serving on committees or boards, or through assisting with event delivery. 
  • Connection to Leaders  Access to experienced professionals, experts and mentors that offer guidance and support to your personal or professional journey. 
  • Personalized Member Support  A Membership team dedicated to maximizing the benefits of your membership, supporting your everyday membership needs.  

Renew your commitment today!