Following feedback from the API Membership, the APREF Research Committee and the wider property academic profession, APREF has released five defined research topics for funded research. Applications are now open!

The APREF Research Fund’s objective is to facilitate scientific research in the property industry, specifically in the fields of valuation and land economy. APREF have identified five priorities for the Australian property industry

Submissions close on COB 30 August 2021

2021 APREF Defined Call Topics

Topic 1 – The relationship between property values and inflation, wages and population growth. This could include the impact of possible future interest rate rises, property values over the long term, and/or home ownership and investment.

Topic 2 – Evaluating the economic, public health and/ or environmental effects to property. This could include value effect in locations impacted by stressors such as natural disasters, economic stressors or other acute or chronic stressors.

Topic 3 – Property profession workforce planning. This may include the design and implementation of models to predict property workforce planning needs.

Topic 4 – Future Australian Cities. This could include adaptive reuse, rising CBD vacancies, urban planning, public spaces, sustainability, smart increase in density and/or quality of life in Australian cities.

Topic 5 –Future Regional Australia. This could include rising regional housing values with a population shift into some regional areas causing impacts on housing prices, long term rental affordability and availability, Land Tax and/or the impact of possible future interest rate rises.

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