API partners with Chubb and Marsh to offer tailored cyber security risk insurance policy to members

Grappling to meet the broad requirements of the new regulations being imposed by the financial institutions and on how to improve your cyber resilience? API Cyber Solution has been developed in response to API Members’ needs and in partnership with global leaders in cyber insurance and risk management.

In line with the growing number of cyber attacks against businesses, costs associated with cyber crime are on the rise. These attacks have the ability to cripple an organisation by disrupting IT systems and damaging the company’s brand.

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The API Cyber Solution is a robust risk management solution developed in partnership with Chubb Insurance, Marsh, Sedgwick, Insane Technologies and Amplify Intelligence.

Product partners include:

Cyber Health Check

On online cyber security assessment and advice from Insane Technologies

Amplify Intelligence

Continuous cyber threat and vulnerability management


Password management


Phishing training for policyholder’s employees


In addition to providing a tailored insurance policy, the API Cyber Solution also provides access to products and services which allow you to take control of your cyber exposure and meet your contractual obligations. It includes an online cyber security assessment with remedial advice and recommendations, continuous cyber threats and vulnerability monitoring, password management and phishing training.


Key Features

Insurance Coverage

A tailored, comprehensive wording, available exclusively to Marsh clients and API Members is backed by Chubb, a leading market insurer. The coverage is available via a pain-free quoting process, allowing quick access to a quote and coverage.

Risk Management Services

Valuation businesses face an ever-increasing range of complex and evolving cyber security threats and lack the budget or expertise to deal with these threats effectively. The API Cyber Solution allows you to take control of your cyber exposure and meet your contractual obligations.

Incident Response

Call the 24/7 specialist support service from Sedgwick to provide immediate incident response. This will assist you in containing, investigating and responding to an incident by engaging and managing a range of expert services available under the Insurance Policy.

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