Advancing property research and educating tomorrow’s leaders

The Australian Property Research and Education Fund Ltd was established to advance the twin arms of research and education, training and development; in the property industry including specifically in valuation and land economy. The Fund has DGR status and is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

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The APREF Board oversees the work of the Fund. To support the achievement of Fund objectives, two Committees in Research and Education were established.  Committee members were invited with the aim of providing the desired mix of current skills in academic research, education and practitioner skills.

The role of the Research Committee is to facilitate the undertaking of scientific research in the property industry, specifically in the fields of valuation and land economy.

The role of the Education Committee is to guide the award of scholarships, bursaries and prizes for the purpose of advancing education, training and development activities that relate to valuation and land economy.

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Offering Two Educational Scholarships

APREF is funding two scholarships to study an API accredited property valuation tertiary degree in 2021. The opportunities are open to one Tasmanian high school student and one rural or regional high school student. Each scholarship will be awarded for the duration of a three-year undergraduate degree.  Recipients will have access to senior property professionals who will act as a mentor, for varying periods, during their studies.


Application process

Applicants are to apply by completing the API APREF 2021 Scholarships Application Form and attaching the required information.

Please see the Scholarship Information Sheet as well as the Scholarship Application form.

Scholarship applications close on 9 October 2020 to



Defined Call Research Topics

Research Grants

APREF has released six defined research topics to undertake funded research and applications are now open. The APREF Research Fund’s objective is to facilitate the undertaking of scientific research in the property industry, specifically in the fields of valuation and land economy.

This defined call identifies priorities for the Australian property industry, after taking feedback from the API Membership, the APREF Research Committee (which has representatives from Universities engaged in property research and teaching), the wider property academic profession and the APREF Board of Directors.

More detailed information is in the application form. Please download and submit to

Research Grant applications close on 28 August 2020.

The impact and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the property industry

This may include comparative research on AI in the valuation industry and emerging opportunities for property professionals to employ AI technology to develop emerging business services.

Methods for the use of data to enhance professional services including valuation or business advisory

This may include emerging technologies for mass appraisals or technology that harnesses the value of data.

Building resilience within the Australian property industry

This topic may include research on adaption by retail to online purchasing, or adaptation to adverse weather events, climate change trends, global pandemic or adaptations to global pandemics; and building associated risk into adaptations and the impact on property use, development and value.

Land Economy - adaptive sustainable use (urban densification or rural)

This may include research into urban planning, urban infill and densification, the benefits or placemaking (or community building), adaptive agribusiness business models and rural land use.

Asset valuation

This may include research into methods of mass asset valuation for government asset registers, valuation for reporting purposes or valuation for insurance purposes.

Emerging research in financial analysis and modelling that adds value to property investment and management

This may include any research into property finance that has a direct application and benefit to the Australian property industry.