Online Enrolments Residential Valuation Standing Instructions

Online Enrolments Residential Valuation Standing Instructions

The Residential Valuation Industry Group (RVI) has prepared a revised version of the ABFI Residential Valuation Standing Instructions Version 1.1.4 which came into effect on 23 October 2016. They provide a single set of Standing Instructions to be adopted by the industry with respect to PropertyPRO, Restricted and Progress Inspection Reports.

Completion of this year’s Standing Instructions Online Module is compulsory for Valuers undertaking residential valuation on bank panels (Lenders’ requirements may vary).  Valuers who seek or wish to maintain a place on a Lender panel must complete the module before they can commence panel valuation work for 2017.

Unlike previous years this year there is only one version rather than a long and short version.  All Valuers who undertake the course will complete the same module although some questions will be randomly selected, and in random order, for each participant.  

Cost is $20 and Members will be awarded 2 CPD points for completion.

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