Positions on an API State and Territory Committee - Call for Nominations

The Australian Property Institute Limited (the API) is now calling for nominations for its State and Territory Committees.

Any Member of the API may nominate a person for the position on a State and Territory Committee. Please note that those nominating a candidate and the nominee must be financial Members of the API. 

The following membership levels are eligible to stand for election to the State/Territory Committee:

  • Provisional Member
  • Provisional Member with Residential Property Valuer
  • Associate Member
  • Fellow Member
  • Life Fellow

The term of office for a State and Territory Committee Member is two years.
Please find below a breakdown of the seats standing for election this year:

  • Australian Capital Territory – 3 seats
  • New South Wales - 4 seats
  • Northern Territory - 8 seats
  • Queensland - 5 seats
  • South Australia - 4 seats
  • Tasmania - 5 seats
  • Victoria - 7 seats
  • Western Australia - 4 seats

Format of Application 
All applications must consist of the following: 

  • A completed Nomination Form, with signature from Proposer, Seconder and Nominee
  • A current high resolution ‘passport style’ photograph; and 
  • A candidate statement – not exceeding 300 words. The candidate’s statement should provide details of the nominee’s history with the API, reason for nominating for the State and Territory Committee, personal qualities that would contribute to the committee. It must not include statements of policy. The candidate’s statement will be subject to reformatting for distribution. 

Lodgement of Application
Members are advised that nominations for State and Territory Committees open on Wednesday 2 May 2018 and close on Friday 1 June 2018. 

All completed applications for nominations are to be forwarded to: 

Amelia Hodge   
Chief Executive Officer for API Limited 
PO Box 26 
Or by email to governance@api.org.au by 5.00pm (AEST) on Friday 1 June 2018. 

No Nomination Forms will be accepted after this date and time.