Life Fellowship of the API for Robert Hecek

Robert Hecek (L) and Tyrone Hodge (R), API Chair, following the presentation of Life Fellowship

Robert Hecek joined the API in 1983 as an Associate member, he became a Fellow member in 2000 and a Life Fellow at the API's AGM in Adelaide on 26 May 2016.  Life Fellowship is the highest honour the API can bestow on a member.

In 2000, Robert was a member of the New South Wales GST Working Party which developed the API guidelines on GST and property. The various alerts developed by that Working Party were vital to provide guidance and protection to the API membership through having a consistent approach to GST and property matters. 
Robert was elected to the New South Wales Divisional Council in 2006, became Vice President in 2008 and President in 2009 and 2010.

During his term as President, Robert enhanced the relevance and grew the attendance at the meetings of the API’s Banking and Finance Liaison Group.  These meetings afford the opportunity for the API, the finance industry and the mortgage insurers to discuss and resolve issues related to property.

Robert became a member of National Council in 2012 and was National President from 2014 to 2015.  Robert was actively involved in the change process that delivered the structural and strategy review and the API that we see today.

Building on earlier work by Greg Preston, in 2008 Robert became Chair of the API’s National Professional Indemnity Insurance Committee and he took on the mammoth task of establishing the Limited Liability Scheme for valuers.  He continued as Chair of the National Professional Indemnity Insurance Committee while he was API New South Wales President and to do both jobs was an enormous undertaking.

He worked with the Professional Standards Council to establish the Scheme and have it operational from 1 December, 2010.  Robert also developed the Scheme’s minimum insurance standards and its supervision guidelines and has contributed to the audits of the supervision guidelines.  His work on the Scheme has resulted in the API having very close and effective working relationships with the finance sector, mortgage insurers and professional indemnity insurers.  Robert continues to volunteer a massive amount of time and expertise to ensure the success of the Scheme.   

Robert’s passion, strong commitment and voluntary contribution for the benefit of API members is recognised and greatly appreciated by the membership across Australia.  His work has also earned him the respect of the insurance and finance industries.

Robert is a most worthy recipient of Life Fellowship.  He has contributed in an outstanding way to the advancement of the property profession in the world of commerce and in expanding the sphere of influence of the profession within industry.