International Valuation Standards 2017 compulsory module

The International Valuation Standards (IVS) 2017 became effective on the 1 July 2017.  They contain many changes when compared to the previous 2013 International Valuation Standards.  To ensure Members have knowledge and understanding of the new 2017 IVS, the API has developed a mandatory Online Module for all practicing API Valuer members who are members of the APIV scheme. We require that Valuer Members who are members of the APIV scheme to complete the module by 31st March 2018.

We highly recommend that all other members also complete this module however there is no compulsion to do so.

Completion of this module will accrue 3 CPD points.  

Registration for the module is:

  • $60.00 Members
  • $100.00 Non-Members

It is important that API members complete this module as all valuations prepared must be compliant with IVS 2017 (unless contrary to Australian law).

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