2018 Call for Nominations - Positions on the Board of Directors

Call for Nominations – 2018
Positions on the Board of Directors

The Australian Property Institute Limited
ACN: 608 309 128

Closing Date: 23 March 2018 (5:00pm AEDT)

Call for Nominations

In accordance with clause 9 of its Constitution, the Australian Property Institute Limited (the API) is calling for nominations for its Board of Directors.  In accordance with clause 9.3 of the Constitution all Members of the API are eligible to nominate for vacant Board positions in 2018. 

Nominations must comply with clause 9.4 of the Constitution.

In accordance with clause 9.3 of the Constitution an API Member must be nominated by another Member to fill a vacant Elected Director position that is to be the subject of an election at the AGM.

Please note that those nominating a candidate and the nominees must be financial Members of the API. 

In accordance with the clause 9.4 of the Constitution, four (4) of the Elected Directors will retire from office as follows:

         I.   Mark Kay

        II.   Garrick Smith

      III.    Robert Smyth

      IV.    Joseph Stansfield

Those retiring Elected Directors will, subject to the requirements of the Constitution, be eligible for re-election by the Members as Elected Directors.

The API’s Nominations Committee will consider all Nominees and will recommend to the Board, in accordance with clause 9.3, those candidates meeting the appropriate qualities and skill sets required by the Board.

In 2018 the Nominations Committee have been instructed to give favourable consideration to Nominees with advocacy, policy setting or strategic digital communications competencies and experience. Nominees should also have governance and financial competencies.

Note that in accordance with clause 9.1(c) of the Constitution there can be no more than two (2) Elected Directors who reside in the one State or Territory.

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors governs the API and has the overall responsibility for setting the strategic direction of the organisation.  It is also responsible for the financial viability of the API.

All Board members are required to act in accordance with the Constitution, the API Directors Code of Conduct, the API Directors Responsibilites and Competencies Policy, the AICD Good Governance Principles and Guidance and any other relevant API Policies.

In accordance with clause 10.1 of the Australian Property Institute Assets' (APIA) Constitution, API directors will also be directors of APIA. Directors of API may also be Directors of Australian Property Institute Valuers Ltd (APIV)

A copy of the API’s most recent annual report  can be found at www.api.org.au.

Format of Application

All applications must consist of the following:

  • A completed API Nominations Form, with the signatures of two (2) nominators and the nominee;
  • A current high resolution ‘passport style’ photograph; and
  • A candidate statement –  not exceeding 600 words in the required font (Calibri, size 11) and in Microsoft Word format (not PDF).  The candidate statement must provide details of the nominee’s history with the API,  reasons for nominating for the Board position, address any particular competencies being sought by the Committee, personal qualities that would contribute to the Board and details of any actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest.  The candidate statement will be subject to reformatting for distribution.
  • A declaration (form provided) that in the last 6 months the candidate has undertaken and received positive outcomes from both Police and ASIC bankruptcy checks.

Lodgement of Application

All completed applications for nomination are to be forwarded to:

The Nominations Committee
C/- The Company Secretary
PO Box 26

Or by email to the Company Secretary at nlangley@api.org.au

For enquries relating to the nominations process, please contact the API’s Company Secretary, Mr Nicholas Langley, on nlangley@API.org.au OR (02) 6122 8700.

More Information

Download the Information Sheet

Download the Nomination Form