2017 CPD Points and Certificates

Make sure your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) records are up to date by 31 December 2017.

CPD Policy

Please note that there have been some modest changes in CPD rules effective April 2017. The changes were made to simplify the CPD requirements and provided more flexibility in the way a Member can obtain the relevant CPD points. You should not have been impacted negatively by the changes. The CPD Policy can be viewed here.

CPD points

In order to receive a 2017 CPD Certificate, Members will need to load their 2017 CPD activities into the CPD Diary online at www.api.org.au in My Portal > My Content > CPD Diary. You are not required to lodge any API CPD activities/events as they are uploaded automatically on successful completion if the API event registration system is used.  If you are unsure how to upload a CPD activity, please see our CPD Diary – Frequently Asked Questions.

CPD Certificates

2017 CPD Compliance Certificates will be available online from 1 January 2018 at www.api.org.au in My Portal> My Content > Certificates, for members who have met 2017 CPD requirements. This will over-ride 2016 CPD Compliance Certificates, and members should download existing certificates by then if needed.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the API Education team on education@api.org.au.