1800 111 API will commence operations on 1 March

1800 111 API (or 1800 111 274) will commence operations on 1 March.
It's the new way to call your API

As the structure of the API has changed in recent years, the best way to support our Members has also changed.  

For as long as the API has been in existence, Members have contacted their local API office for support and assistance.  Over the past 3 years the API's restructure has changed the way our services are provided to Members.  A series of portfolios now exist within the API and they now manage the various aspects of the API's operations.  As such, your support and assistance requirements are now best directed to the appropriate portfolio rather than your local office. 

To better assist Members, a dedicated group of staff have been trained on the various facets of the API's operations to ensure that your enquiry can, where ever possible, be answered by the first person you speak to.   

Your call to 1800 111 API will be sent directly to a member of this group and, as an added bonus, it will be a free call from landlines in Australia.

The State and Territory offices of the API do and will continue to provide a critical support for API Members in various facets of the API's overall operations.  The future of these offices is not impacted in any way by the API's move to a centralised phone number.