Open More Doors with Real-Time Intuitive Property Data Insights

We are excited to announce our collaboration with National Property Group.

Together, we’re dedicated to empowering valuers and property professionals with cost-effective and intuitive data insights. National Property Group’s was recently a scaleup finalist in the Proptech Awards’ Data, Analytics, Insights, and AI category. Their data platform has over 4 billion insights, 250 million sales and lease listings, 107 million property images, and 12 million property records, and they are 100% Australian-owned.

Access real-time property data at 10% off, plus enjoy these benefits:

  • Property data, reports, and analytics platform.
  • 10% off for API members.
  • 7-day free trial.
  • Local dedicated support.
  • Dynamic map zoning.
  • Advanced radius search and property attribute filtering.
  • Export extensive search results for in-depth analysis.


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