Our new Certified Funds Manager program enhances your understanding of property as an asset.   

Most people have a good understanding of how stocks, shares and bonds interplay in the financial market to build wealth, but few understand how property investment can be used to build security and deliver returns. Our program provides the foundational knowledge of property finance, property as an asset, how to compare and contrast risk and return profiles, together with feasibility frameworks to determine the best investment decisions. 

This program suits those who currently work within the real estate sector and possess a basic understanding of the property industry. 


Program Outline  

Module 1: Introduction to Funds Management   

Module 2: Equity Investment    

Module 3: Property Fundamentals for Fund Managers 

Module 4: Property Valuation   

Module 5: Financial Management   

Module 6: Property Transactions & Strategy   

Module 7: Property Finance   

Module 8: Investment, Analysis and Feasibility   

Module 9: Investment Portfolio and Risk Management   


Learning outcomes 

  • A sound understanding of the property funds management industry, its markets, the main investor products, and fund and capital raising  
  • How to assess various investment assets classes, risk analysis, suitability assessment to determine performance 
  • Understand marketability, feasibility, legality, tax benefits/exemptions  
  • Use financial modelling to construct optimal portfolios and property funds 


Our program launches mid-2023.  Submit your interest via the Expression of Interest form below to be the first to hear about the program launch. 


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