Certified Asset Manager

The Certified Asset Manager program is designed for career and early career professionals providing practical skills and knowledge to identify, evaluate, assess and apply principles to the management of assets and asset classes.  The Certified Asset Manager program has been designed in conjunction with universities and industry professionals to cover the essential asset management topics with a more practical industry-based approach.  

Our Program 

Our self-paced online learning program consists of nine learning modules, led by industry experts, covering topics such as; 

  • Asset Strategy Execution  
  • Property Technology  
  • Funds Management  
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis  

Each of our nine modules explores practical components of asset management; identifying and applying principles to various asset types and evaluating scenarios. At the conclusion of the nine-module program, students can choose to become formally recognised and accredited through a Certification Assessment. Following completion of this certificate, learners will be able to execute the practical steps in developing a property through;  

  • Investigating and analysing the current property market conditions and related issues in asset management, including market analysis and feasibility.  
  • Comparing and contrasting asset management data sources.  
  • Applying the findings to draw connections and design an asset management plan.  
  • Applying planning framework and planning instruments required.  
  • Demonstrating relationship building and negotiation skills. 

Program Outline  

Module 1: Asset Management Fundamentals & Contexts   

Module 2: Financial Reporting & Analysis  

Module 3: Introduction to Funds Management industry  

Module 4: Asset Strategy Execution  

Module 5: Property Technology  

Module 6: ESG   

Module 7: Law  

Module 8: Property Management  

Module 9: Risk Management  

Module 10: Elective: Certification Assessment 


Who is this program designed for?  

  • Early career professionals and graduates seeking a career in asset management. 
  • Property professionals looking to move into Asset Management from another role in property. 
  • Those already working in Asset Management accreditation who wish to gain a formal certification and industry recognition through post nominals. 
  • Those seeking Asset Management certification who may have a broad Undergraduate degree (Property Valuation, Business and Commerce, or perhaps Law) and wish to gain knowledge and skills specifically in Asset Management.  

The Certified Asset Manager program is expected to launch Q4 2022. Please register your interest via the below form. 


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