Dive into one of the most exciting, in-demand and fast-evolving areas in property

In our ever-changing, unpredictable landscape where anything can happen it pays to have the tools, knowledge, and skills of data analysis at the ready so you can make informed and reliable property decisions that exceed client expectations.

In our new certification program, you will learn how and when to use a range of statistical techniques and methodologies for deriving the right data at the right time, whilst remaining flexible in your approach. 




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Program Outline 


Module 1:  Introduction to Property Data Analysis 

Module 2:  Property Fundamentals 

Module 3:  Property Level Analysis 

Module 4:  Area Level Analysis 

Module 5:  Statistical Concepts & Measures 

Module 6:  Introduction to Data Storage Model 

Module 7:  Data Visualisation and Communication 

Module 9:  Risk Analytics 

Module 10: Assessment Certification  


Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the certification, individuals will be able to:

  1. To explain the role of a property data analyst and its application in the Australian property market.
  2. To apply statistical concepts and measures to analyse property data, including fitting data into normal distribution, identifying outliers, and managing risk.
  3. To demonstrate proficiency in various statistical analysis methods to interpret property data effectively to inform real estate decisions, including real estate investment decisions.
  4. To demonstrate skills in data collection techniques specific to property data, including accessing public databases and utilising online resources.
  5. To utilise data visualization tools and techniques to present insights and trends visually in property and area level analysis, encompassing market statistics, demographics, socio-economic factors, trends, and risk models.
  6. To demonstrate ethical considerations and data privacy issues related to property data analysis.

Our new Certification program will launch early December 2023. 

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