Dive into one of the most exciting, in-demand and fast-evolving areas in property

In our ever-changing, unpredictable landscape where anything can happen it pays to have the tools, knowledge, and skills of data analysis at the ready so you can make informed and reliable property decisions that exceed client expectations.

In our certification program, you will learn how and when to use a range of statistical techniques and methodologies for deriving the right data at the right time, whilst remaining flexible in your approach. Learn too, how to strategically engage stakeholders with interactive visualisation tools for optimal impact ensuring your message is received, and acted on as intended.

Get ready for a hands-on learning experience as we guide you through a variety of software and online platforms. This skillset will put you on the cutting-edge enabling you to detect new opportunities and risks as they emerge in the market and in the data.  

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Note: Strong skills in using Excel spreadsheets is recommended before embarking on this program. The API offers Excel skill-based workshops which you may wish to complete prior to undertaking this program.

Excel workshop – Full Series




All fees include GST however a transaction fee may be applied.

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Course Outline 

  1. Introduction to Property Data Analysis 
  2. Property Fundamentals 
  3. Property Level Analysis 
  4. Area Level Analysis 
  5. Statistical Concepts & Measures 
  6. Introduction to Data Storage Model 
  7. Data Visualisation and Communication 
  8. Risk Analytics 
  9. Assessment Certification 


Who is this program designed for? 

  • Mid-career property professionals looking to move into Property Data Analysis from another role in property. 
  • Early career professionals seeking a career in Property Data Analysis.  
  • Those already working in Property Data Analysis who wish to add to their skillset, gain a formal certification and industry recognition through post nominals.  
  • Those currently external to the property profession e.g. investment banking and/or banking who see a future in Property Data Analysis.  

Why API?

An API certification advances your career.  It provides the professional backing and acknowledgement of professional skills and expertise that the public and investors can rely on.  This certification suits those who are currently working in data analysis or for those wanting to cross-train into another field within the property sector. The program assumes you have a working knowledge of the property industry and is offered online so you can study at a time that suits you best. 

The program consists of eight learning modules. Once completed, you may elect to complete the Assessment Module and obtain Certification.  You can also become an API Member and access additional benefits.