Expand your knowledge of investments, acquisitions, funds and trusts to help define how property as an asset class fits into the investment cycle to create property fund portfolios. 

Our certification offers a comprehensive study of the financial and property markets, delivers functional frameworks, and covers the legal, governance and capital raising knowledge to enrich your practice. Future focused topics such as artificial intelligence and ESG are interwoven into the certification. Through the application of modelling, and case studies using real-life scenarios, it will empower you to make informed investment decisions. 

Become market-ready in building and managing property fund portfolios through our Certified Fund Management program. 

An API certification advances your career.  It provides the professional backing and acknowledgement of professional skills and expertise that the public and investors can rely on.  This program suits those who currently work within the real estate, valuation or finance sector, or possess a basic understanding of the property industry. Offered online, on-demand, our program can be accessed at times that fit your current work schedule. 

Future proof your career in property funds management.



  1. Introduction to Funds Management    
  2. Property Fundamentals for Fund Managers  
  3. Property Valuation    
  4. Financial Management    
  5. Property Finance    
  6. Equity Investment    
  7. Property Transactions and Strategy    
  8. Investment and Feasibility Analysis 
  9. Investment Portfolio and Risk Management    
  10. Certification Assessment 


Learning Outcomes 

  • An understanding of the main concepts in investment, major asset classes, investment risk/return and asset allocation
  • Understanding of the property funds management industry, its markets, and the main products it offers to investors
  • Ability to construct optimal portfolios to manage risk effectively
  • How to capitalise on behavioural biases and irrational behaviour in financial markets
  • Apply best practices in portfolio management, performance evaluation and investment strategies
  • Know the characteristics, benefits and intricacies of asset classes and their impacts on portfolio management
  • Solid understanding of the principles and practice of property valuation across asset classes
  • How to investigate and analyse current property market conditions, including analysis and feasibility
  • Insights into developments and the regulatory environment of the industry. 



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