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Please see below some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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Can I confirm someone is an API Member?

Members of the public can contact the API to confirm if someone is a Member of the API.  The API can provide details of the Member’s Name, Membership Classification, Employer and Business Phone Number.   

Any requests for further details will be subject to the API’s Corporate Privacy Policy.

How can I get a Rental Determination?

Many leases contain a clause under which if the parties cannot reach agreement on rent reviews, then the Chair (formerly called a President) of one of the API’s State/Territory offices (formerly called Divisions) is requested to make a nomination of a determining valuer. The API Chair may also be requested to make nominations for non-rent review or capital valuation matters such as for Family Law Court matters, deceased estates or compensation.


You can lodge for a Rental Determination through the Valuer Nominations Page.

How do I contact the valuer who did my valuation?

If you can supply us with the members Full Name or Membership Number, we will be able to give you their business contact information in accordance with the API’s Corporate Privacy Policy.

How can I find a valuer?

Our Find a Property Profession Page (FaPP) can connect you with a valuer who is a good fit for you. You can search for valuers using search fields and categorise them by area and expertise. It should be noted that not all API members are represented here because they opt not to display a profile.

If you need a specialty valuation, please contact the Membership Services Manager your region, and we will seek to connect you with a professional who is appropriate.

Can I post a job with the API?

Our Career Centre service is available to any organisation or individual who is looking for the best quality candidates. API Members can post their advertisements to the API Careers in Property webpage free of charge.

Not a member, but want to add a listing? Listings are $220 (incl. GST) or join as a member and upload your listing for free!

How do I provide feedback or make a suggestion?

The API is always interested to hear from Members with their suggestions.  We value and encourage feedback from our Members.

If you have a comment or suggestion on ways to improve our services to Members, please contact your local Member Services Manager or the API on 1800 111 274.


Why should I use a Member of the API for my property requirements?

The Australian Property Institute is Australia’s peak body for property professionals.

The API has set and maintains the benchmark for professional practice standards, codes of conduct and Code of Ethics, and plays a key role in industry by providing Members with essential tools and information. Our Members are highly regarded and respected throughout Australia for their professionalism, knowledge and expertise, and the highest standards of quality and performance.

Membership to the API is synonymous with traits and qualities such as integrity, service orientation, experience, specialist expertise, and high levels of education and training.  API Members are subject to qualification and experience criteria to obtain membership and are then required to undertake Continued Professional Development (CPD) requirements to keep abreast of changes.

How do I become an API Member?

By creating a login account with the API you can apply to be a member. You simply log into the member portal and select the ‘Applications’ tab from here you click apply and can begin the process of creating an application to be a member with the API.

Am I eligible to join the API?

Please refer to our Which membership is right for you page or contact us on 1800 111 274 to ascertain if you are eligible.

How do I upgrade my membership?

To upgrade your membership, login to your API Portal and click on the Applications tab. Then click on the yellow apply button.

This will open the create application page:

Click the magnifying glass next to the Membership Category field. This will open a popup window where you can select the category you wish to apply for.

Once you have chosen the correct membership category, click select which will close the popup window. The step by step process will then commence. Each membership category has particular requirements and will trigger a series of questions for you to answer to ensure you have completed any necessary steps. Where this includes the uploading of documents, you can do this by clicking on the yellow add files button and uploading.

Any queries regarding your membership application process contact [email protected]

Where can I find my membership number?

To locate your membership number, access your portal by clicking the Login button in the top right-hand corner of the API website. Once logged in, you’ll find your membership number at the top of the page underneath your name.


You can also find it at the top of your latest Member News.

Do I need to tell you if I move interstate?

API Members are served by their local API office so it is vital that Members advise the API when they move from one state/territory to another.

Please see our Interstate Transfer Page and complete the webform to advise the API.


Where can I find my Proof of Membership Certificate?

Login to your portal and click on Public Profile in the top menu. Scroll down to the Memberships section where you’ll find a downloadable copy of your certificate.

How do I renew my API Membership?

Login to your portal and click on the Invoices tab in the top menu. From there, click the Details drop-down for the relevant invoice, and you should be taken to a Tax Invoice webpage where you will find a ‘Pay Now’ button.

Where can I find a receipt for my membership renewal?

Login to your portal and click on the Invoices tab in the top menu. From there, click the Details drop-down for the relevant invoice, and you should be taken to a Tax Invoice webpage.

Professional Member Obligations

To view Professional Member Obligations, log into your API Portal

Do the API Rules of Professional Conduct apply to valuers undertaking valuations for/on behalf of a statutory body?

Yes. All API members, including those working for or on behalf of a statutory body, must comply with the API Rules of Professional Conduct. 

However, Rule 13 provides that: 

  1. Valuers undertaking valuations for/or on behalf of a statutory body, must comply with the requirements of the statutory body that they have undertaken the professional services for. 
  1. Statutory valuations of property must also be undertaken in accordance with these Rules unless the specific instructions of the statutory body require otherwise. 

This means that where a valuer is undertaking a valuation for or on behalf of a statutory body, the Rules do not apply to the valuer to the extent that the requirements of the statutory body instructing the valuer contradict the API Rules. 

The API considers all referrals regarding breaches of the API Rules on a case-by- case basis. In this scenario, where a valuer can demonstrate to the API that they were undertaking a statutory valuation according to requirements that contradict the API Rules, this will enliven Rule 13.2 and the valuer will not be in breach of the API Rules. 

What is a Retrospective Valuation and why might someone seek a Retrospective Valuation?

A retrospective valuation is a valuation where the date of valuation is in the past. Depending on the circumstances, the valuation will be completed utilizing information that was or could only have been known or available at the date of valuation. 

A retrospective valuation can be useful to determine the value of an asset at a specified date in the past. 

There are several reasons why one might seek a valuation for a date in the past. This could include, for example, contract disputes, insurance claims, estate matters, taxation matters including capital gains tax, stamp duty purposes, tax consolidation, unit entitlement allocations, and family law.  


For more information on Retrospective Valuation please click here to view the Guidance Paper of Retrospective Valuations 

Valuations of Intangible Assets and APIV Scheme

Intangible assets, include goodwill, leases and other entitlements (such as gaming machine entitlement/permits or water rights).  The valuation of an ‘intangible asset’ would not meet the definition of ‘valuation of real property’ in the Scheme Instrument. 

However, the International Valuation Standards(IVS) states at para 20.3 of IVS 400 Real Property Interests:

“Intangible assets fall outside the classification of real property assets.  However, an intangible asset may be associated with, and have a material impact on, the value of real property assets.  It is therefore essential to be clear in the scope of work precisely what the valuation assignment is to include or exclude.  For example, that valuation of a hotel can be inextricably linked to the hotel brand.  In such cases, the valuation process will involve consideration of the inclusion of intangible assets and their impact on the valuation of real property and plant and equipment assets.” 

Where the value of the real property is reliant on the “right, interest of benefit” of intangible asset(s), e.g. a license or a lease, then the intangible asset(s) would be included in the assessment of the value of the real property. 

In the case of a hotel (pub) valuation, where the assessed value includes; 

  • The real property assuming any leases of licences remain in place. 
  • Plant, machinery and other equipment; and 
  • IP/management rights associated with the goodwill of the hotel business, 

 Then the valuation of the real property would include those intangible assets as part of the ‘going concern’ valuation. 



Please note the above information is general information only, should you require further advice on your specific set of circumstances, we recommend that you seek professional advice, whether of legal nature or not. 

How can I create a new account?

To create a new account you need to set yourself up with a new login to the system. You can follow the process outlined here.

How do I reset my password?

Visit www.portal.api.org.au and click on the Forgot your password? link to trigger the password renewal process.

How can I change my email address?

If you are wishing to update your contact details, please email [email protected] and we can change this for you. Alternatively, you can call our customer service line, 1800 111 274 and we can do this over the phone.

How can I update my employment details?

To ensure that the API’s business records remain as accurate as possible the ability to change the name of the business you work for has been disabled.  Please go to our  Change of Company Name page to request a change.

How do I add/update my profile on Find a Property Professional?

The Member Portal can be used to modify your profile for Find a property professional (FaPP). You can opt in (as seen in the image below) and type in the information you want to display to the public. Please keep in mind that your profile may take a few days to appear on the FaPP website.


The image below is what is displayed in the member portal. This is located half-way down the page.

How to upload a profile picture on Find a Property Professional?

To upload a profile picture, you click on the current ‘profile picture’ under member profile.


Clicking the profile picture will take you to the following page on a new tab. From here you can upload your selected profile picture down the bottom of the page. This will also update to display a profile picture for the FAPP website.


Certifications – Non-valuation

The below FAQs apply to Certified Development Practitioner, Certified Asset Manager, and Certified Fund Manager.

How are API Certifications structured?

We offer a flexible self-paced online program, that transitions through various learning modules including a final assessment module to become fully certified. Our learning approach is designed to develop the advanced skills and understanding required to adapt to the changing property environment, and teaches you how to identify opportunities, point you to resources and valuable partnerships, to begin or transition your career in the property industry. 

What is the certification overview?

To gain the full professional certification you are required to complete all online self-paced modules within the program. The modules may vary in length, between 3 – 6 hours of practical learner-led research, and undertaking and successfully completing the Certification Assessment module. Assessments are conducted at the conclusion of each module to test understanding and ensure standards are met 

How are API Certification programs developed?

Developed in deep consultation with universities and property industry professionals, each program is perfect for current practicing property professionals looking to upskill, pivot career direction, and broaden qualifications. 


Who are the certifications designed for?

The audience may vary depending on the certification you’re interested in however they would mostly appeal to those who currently work within the real estate sector and possess a basic understanding of the property industry. 

They may also appeal to the early career professionals who might want to fast track their career to management, or even those already working in the specific area of property who wish to gain a formal certification and industry recognition. 

How long does a certification program take?

We anticipate the full certification will take anywhere between 6 – 10 months part-time.  

How much is a Certification?
  • Certification for existing API Members – $2,950 
  • Certification for new Members – $3,363 (certification + MAPI membership) 
Why should I study an API certification?

A certified property professional will be able to promote their postnominals, highlighting their knowledge, competence and credibility in the property industry, and give confidence to their clients, employers and peers they’re dealing with someone with the relevant professional status and experience.  

How do I enroll?

All enrolments are online at our Certifications page.

Does the program need to be completed in any particular order?

The program order isn’t fixed however it is recommended students commence with the first module in the certification as it will contain some fundamental principles to the discipline. 

Is the Assessment Module available for completion without completing the rest of the program?

No, the Certification Assessment module is not available until after all compulsory modules have been completed. The Assessment will be assigned to you once the API receive your Certificate of Completion.  

How many CPD points is a certification worth?

Each module is worth 2 CPD points, so depending how many modules make up each certification it will vary. For example, by completing the Certified Development Practitioner you will receive 18 CPD points.  

What are the ongoing CPD requirements?

To retain API certification status, Members will be required to complete 10 CPD points each year, which can be a mix of structured and unstructured. If a Member holds multiple certifications with the API, they will be required to do a maximum of 20 CPD points per year.

If the certification I’m interested in includes Risk Management and/or Ethics modules, and I have already completed the mandatory API Ethics and Risk Management modules, can I apply for an exemption?

The content in the certifications has been tailored more towards that property discipline with very little overlap to the mandatory RMM and Ethics modules, so an exemption will not be applied in this instance.  

How will API provide opportunities to Members to keep their CPD up to date?

The API are continually working on initiatives to develop ongoing opportunities for MAPI members and will communicate these as they come to fruition. The initiatives will include partnerships, webinar series and events, as well as opportunities to be involved in API working groups and committees. 

Are there any pre-requisites to obtain an API Certification?

To become certified you will need to: 

  • Be an API Member (MAPI or above);  
  • Complete a university degree or a minimum or three years’ work experience in the property industry, and 
  • Complete the certification and pass the final assessment, after which you will be eligible for API post nominals.  

Note: The above does not apply to those who are interested in applying for RPV or CPV. Please check the website for pre-requisites for these certifications.  

Are API Student members able to complete this program?

Yes, commencement of the certification is permitted is you are an API Student Member; however you will need to become an API Member (MAPI or above) to complete the assessment and become certified. 

Do I have to be an API Member to complete this program?

Yes, the certification program is only available to Members of the API. 

How will I be assessed?

Individual module assessments are a combination of Multiple Choice / True and False quiz questions or short answer submissions.  

  • Assessments containing Multiple Choice / True and False quiz questions will provide an instant Pass or Fail result.  
  • For an assessment requiring a short answer or report submission, results will be delivered via your LMS portal within 7 days of submission.  

The final Certification Assessment, once completed and submitted, will be assigned to an external assessor for review. The review process could take up to 4 weeks, depending on the availability of the assessor. Should the assessor require further information or clarification relating to your submission the API will contact you via email. Final results and feedback regarding your assessment will be provided after this time.  

Students who have not been successful will be advised by the API and provided feedback on the components that did not meet the standard required. These students will be invited to resubmit these components within 3 months of initial feedback. 

Following successful completion of the chosen API Certification Assessment, the Australian Property Institute will apply for certification on your behalf and notify you when you’re able to promote your post nominals. 

How do I apply for membership?

Go to our Membership page to ascertain which membership option is right.  

Will a certificate be issued upon completion of the program?

Yes, a Certificate of Completion will be available to download from the students CPD Diary The API Certification will be issued upon passing and completion of the final Assessment. 

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

For further enquiries please contact the Learning & Development Team via [email protected]. 

What is the CPV (Residential) pilot?

We are currently piloting this pathway (new operational admission process and documents) with a small cohort of RPVs (which have been selected at this stage).   We have defined success metrics for the pilot.  Once the pilot phase is completed and is determined as a success, we are then able to open the doors to everyone.  We anticipate this will be early 2024.


The pilot will run from approx. November 2023 until February 2024.


How do I gain CPV (Residential) post-nominal?

There are 4 components that need to be met to hold a CPV (Residential) post nominal:

  1. Gain an API accredited University degree
  2. Hold two years of residential valuation experience in the last four years
  3. Undertake Practical Valuation Training (short course or long course)
  4. Provide three different 3 residential reports
  5. Professional Interview
What can I do with this post-nominal?

A CPV (Residential) is a person who, by education, training and experience, is qualified to perform a valuation of real property for residential purposes.   This is in contrast to a CPV who is qualified to perform a valuation of real property.   The only $ limit restriction which is in place is¸ where the Valuation of Real Property is for a sum greater than $2 million, a CPV countersignatory is required (Appendix C of the APIV Scheme).  This is the same for CPV certification.


This certification must be applied for in conjunction with Associate Membership. All applicants for Associate Membership with this certification are required to meet the API’s Educational and Experience requirements, provide reports for review, and sit a professional interview.

How can I make an online purchase?

On the Learning Portal’s Online Courses and Webinar recordings tab, you can browse and purchase online courses and webinar recordings. This is similar to the Upcoming events and webinars area in the learning portal, where you may add events and recordings to your cart and pay through the portal.

Where do I find my invoices?

Navigate to your API Portal and click the Invoices link in the top menu to see a list of all of your current and past invoices. To find out more information about an invoice, click the details dropdown in the right-hand column.

Unpaid invoices will show as billed and paid invoices will show as complete. Please note there may be a delay between clicking Pay Now in your cart and the invoice appearing in your Portal.

My payment isn't going through?

Please Contact the API on 1800 111 274 so we can assist you

How do I purchase multiple/group tickets for an event?

Organisations who would like to register multiple attendees, and/or arrange for an in-house workshop can contact our Education Team for assistance. Alternatively you can submit a group registration request for up to 10 attendees via our Group Registration page.

I’m not getting member pricing in my learning portal?

Please contact the API on 1800 111 274, we can check your account and align it with the non-member/member pricing.

How do I navigate the online learning environment?

After logging in to your API Portal, click on Learning in the top right-hand corner to go directly to your Learning Portal.  This is where you can manage all your education-related tasks, including updating your CPD Diary, registering for events, webinars or online courses and tracking your CPD performance through the year.

When you first log in to your learning portal you will land on the Dashboard page. This is where you can see an overview of your activity. To navigate through the site, use the left-hand navigation menu.

Where do I find and complete my online courses?

To view any courses or webinars you are currently registered for or have previously completed, first login to your API Portal and click on Learning in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Once you are in the learning portal, click on the My Courses link in the left-hand menu. You can begin a course and return to this section at any time. Your course progress will be displayed as a percentage for each course you have registered for.

Where do I find my course results?

Course results when passed will show up in your CPD diary. If you are still completing a module this will show under the ‘My Courses’ tab in the learning portal.

Where can I locate a Completion Certificate for Online Learning?

When a course is completed it will show up under the CPD Diary. Only valuer compulsory modules produce a certificate to demonstrate the individuals compliance.

How do I enrol in an Online Course or purchase a webinar recording?

The Online Courses and Webinar Recordings section of the online learning system is where you can view and purchase online courses or webinar recordings. To purchase a course or recording, find the listing and click on the view details button to be taken to a detailed description. If you wish to make a purchase, click ‘Add to Cart’. This will take you to your cart to checkout. Clicking ‘Pay Now’ will then take you to the payment page. Upon receipt of your payment the item will automatically be loaded into the My Courses section of your learning portal.

How long do I have to complete the module?

You have until the 31st December to complete your Valuer Compulsory modules to 100%.

Most other modules do not have an expiry and can be completed in your own time.

Some recordings and other learnings do have an expiry date. The expiry date is noted on the course header in the ‘My Courses’ section of the learning portal.


My Module won’t complete to 100%

Once you complete the content and close the pop-up window, the screen will have changed to the below:

Click the yellow ‘Next’ button and it will move forward. This will allow it to complete to 100% and be automatically added to your CPD Diary.


How do I receive the API Member Rate for an event?

You must be a Student member or a paid member of the API to receive the Member rate for an event.

Where can I find a list of upcoming API events?

The API runs a wide range of educational and networking events around the country. Our face to face events program is delivered as workshops, seminars and conferences with a range of online options also available.

To find upcoming API events, navigate to our Events, Webinars & Online Courses page either from the home page, or under the Professional Development tab in the main navigation bar.

From here, you can navigate between Events, Webinars and Online Courses from one page. Use the filters to search for a category of event or within a specific date range. At the bottom of an individual event page, you will be shown similar events that you can find out more about.

How do I register for an API event?

Visit the Events, Webinars and Online Courses section of our website and using the tabs choose an event you would like to attend. Click on the Buy Tickets button to go to the purchase page for the event. You will be prompted to login to your API Portal if you have not already done so. Fill in your details in the Register Now section at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts.

Once you have successfully registered the event will appear in your Training Calendar in the CPD Diary Section. You will also be sent a confirmation containing a calendar invite to add to your personal electronic diary.

Where can I access a receipt for an API event?

Login to your portal and click on the Invoices tab in the top menu. From there, click the Details drop-down for the relevant invoice, and you should be taken to a Tax Invoice webpage.


Where can I see a list of past events I have attended?

Login to your API Portal. Once logged in, the home page of your Portal will show all your upcoming and attended events at the top of the page.

What are my annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements?

The API requires members to achieve 20 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points per calendar year. The following membership classes must satisfy the API’s CPD requirements:

  • Life Fellow
  • Fellow
  • Associate
  • Provisional

MAPI Members have a CPD requirement of 10 points per calendar year.

For further information please refer to the CPD Rules & Requirements page or contact our Education Team.

How do I view my CPD diary?

Your CPD Diary is now located in your learning portal. You can access this by first logging into your API Portal then clicking Learning in the top right-hand corner.

Once you have reached the learning portal you will find CPD Diary in the left-hand navigation menu.

Your CPD Diary section holds all of your training records, CPD points for attendance at API events or completion of online courses and webinars and, moving forward, is where you will be able to access your certificates of completion of any online compulsory courses.

How do I locate my CPD Compliance Certificate?

Your CPD Certificate will be located under the CPD Diary Tab located on the left-hand side navigation menu in the learning portal. Use the drop down menu to select the year you require and your certificate will be available to download using the orange ‘validate’ or ‘view certificate’ button.


To be 100% compliant you must ensure you are completing your compulsory modules and that a minimum of 15 of your 20 point requirement are structured.


How do I upload CPD points?

CPD points can be uploaded by the individual for non API CPD activities. CPD can be added or deleted from the year chosen. The Add/Delete Training button as seen below.

The following will display when the Add/Delete button is clicked. To add CPD learning follow the pathway below. Make sure you’ve chosen the relevant category and that you’ve uploaded evidence. For instance, a demonstration of event invitation or a copy of your reading.

What are the Valuer Compulsory Modules?

To ensure that all of our Members are maintaining the highest possible professional standards, we release compulsory modules that must be completed each calendar year.


The Valuer Compulsory Modules are:


  • API Ethics and Rules Module

All Members (with the exclusion of StudentRetired and Connect Members) will be required to complete an Ethics module annually.


  • Risk Management Module

All API Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) and Residential Property Valuer (RPV) Members must hold a current RMM Certificate and complete an updated module annually.


  • International Valuation Standards Training Module

To ensure that our Members are meeting their compliance obligations and have fully absorbed the requirements of any changes to the standards, we release a mandatory training module whenever there are any updates to the standards.


  • Residential Valuation Standing Instructions

All API Members who undertake residential mortgage valuations using the PropertyPRO report format must complete the Residential Valuation Standing Instructions Training Module. The Residential Valuation Industry Group periodically releases updates to the Standing Instructions and in response, the API develops and releases a new version of the module, which must be completed by our residential valuer Members.


To find these modules on the learning portal please click here.

How do I make a complaint against an API Member?

If you have a grievance with a Member of the API, you should first contact the Member to discuss your concerns and attempt to negotiate an acceptable outcome.  Our Members are subject to our Code of Professional Conduct and should conduct themselves accordingly.

If, after taking steps to resolve the issue with the Member you are still dissatisfied, you may lodge a complaint with the API’s Professional Standards and Complaints Officer.  Complaints are handled in accordance with the Complaints Policy.  Further information on the complaints handling procedure can be found on the Complaints Procedures page on the website.

Please note the API does not mediate disputes on  the value of a property.  A complaint based solely on the value of a property is outside the scope of the API Complaints Policy process and grievances on this basis should be dealt with through other channels of mediation and/or legal process.

How do I renew my API membership?

Log into your member portal on the API website.

Select ‘Invoices’ tab, found in the top menu.

You will find your individual invoice in the Invoices tab.

Follow the prompts to complete the renewal process.

When is the deadline for membership renewal?

The deadline for 2024 membership renewal is 31/12/2023.

Renew by this date to ensure uninterrupted access to member benefits and maintain your certification.

What happens if I miss the renewal deadline?

Missing the deadline may result in your membership becoming inactive. You can still renew afterward, but please do so promptly to regain access to benefits.

Note that any certifications may also become inactive, potentially affecting related insurances.

Are there any changes to the membership fees for 2024?

Refer to your renewal invoice for updates on the 2024 membership fees.

Membership fees are increasing by 4.25%. The API have absorbed some of the inflation impacts this year, deviating from the usual CPI adjustment.

Note: Honorary, Life Fellow and, existing Student Members (who continue to study in 2023) are not required to pay an annual membership fee.

Can I update my membership details during the renewal process?

Absolutely, the renewal period is ideal for updating your details. Do this through the member portal or contact our Membership team by phoning 1800 274 111 or email [email protected]

What are the benefits of renewing my API membership?

Renewing grants continued access to benefits like networking opportunities, professional development resources, industry updates, advocacy, and recognition of your professional status and any certifications.

Is there a grace period for renewing my membership after the deadline?

There’s usually a short grace period post-deadline. To prevent a lapse in benefits, renew by the stated deadline.

How do I access my API Membership Certificate?

Once renewed, login to your Member Portal and click on Member Profile in the top menu.

Scroll down to the Memberships section where you’ll find a downloadable copy of your certificate.

How do I access my API CPD Certificate?

Once CPD criteria has been met for 2023, the 2023 CPD certificate can be generated from Members CPD diary located within the Learning Portal.

To review the CPD policy.

Can I renew my membership if I am currently in the Parental Membership category?

Yes, Parental Membership category members can renew their membership. This category offers flexibility to support your work-life balance.

: If I am facing financial difficulties, can I discuss alternative payment options for my membership renewal?

The API is sensitive to financial challenges faced by members. Please contact our Membership team by phoning 1800 274 111 or email [email protected] to discuss support options.

I'm a journalist - how can I contact the API?

Journalists wishing to speak with the Australian Property Institute should contact our Marketing & Communications team via [email protected] or visit our Media Centre page.

How can I get involved with the API?

At the API, we’re committed to fostering the property community by providing opportunities to network, learn and grow.

Our committees and groups allow members to connect to others with similar interests or career paths, and cater to members from a variety of backgrounds, ages and locations. Check out our Community page for more information.

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Preston Rowe Paterson are the proud sponsors of the Lesley Bennet Award