How do I study my Online course?

After you select your course from your Online Learning Home Page, the Navigation menu on the left hand side will expand to include all the elements of your course.

You can move around the course by clicking on any of these at any time.

This is useful if you have not completed the whole course in one sitting and want to come back and do more at another time.

To access the learning materials themselves, click on the green list in the centre of the screen.

As you complete each section you will find that the checkbox on the right hand side gets a tick in it (see image below).  This helps you remember where you have got to.  You can go back and look at something again, even if it has a tick in it.

You can go backwards and forwards, up and down as much as you want, looking at everything in order, or skipping bits; looking at bits again and again if you want to.