How do I reset my password?

Password resets start at

Enter your email address and you will receive an email with instructions detailing how to set a password (for first time users) or reset a password for existing users.  

Note: emails will only be sent if the email address provided matches an email address in our database.  

When creating a new account or requesting to reset your password, you will see a screen similar to the image above. 

Enter your new Password and then confirm the password.

Click on Change password & log in

You will then be taken back to the API page and you will be in the My Portal section of the webpage where you can:

  • update your contact details online
  • reprint an API invoice/receipt
  • download Proof of Membership Certificates
  • upload your non-API CPD events online and, once the requirements are met, download a CPD Compliance Certificate
  • view your past CPD events
  • register for Interest Group which are important to you and filter content based on these preferences

(certain functionality is restricted to API members only)