How do I complete my payment?

Payment details do not appear on screen when a registration or purchase is made.  Rather, our website uses a Cart system to collate your purchases and allow you to make single or multiple purchases in one location. 

All purchases via the API website will create a transaction in your Cart. Your Cart can be found in the top right for desktop users or in the menu structure for mobile users.  Go to your Cart to complete any transaction on our website.

Step 1

If you decide you don’t want to purchase a particular product/event which is appearing in your Cart, you can click on Remove at the right hand side of the item.

Step 2

When the list of items matches the purhcases that you wish to make please click on Checkout.

Step 3

You will then be asked complete the details for billing (invoice).  Much of this will come up automatically from your record if that information has previously been supplied by you.

Please make sure the follow areas are completed:

  • Country
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Street Address 1
  • City
  • State
  • Post Code

Then click on Next          

Step 4

The next screen will ask you to confirm both your details and the details of your order.  Please take the time to make sure they are correct.

If they are correct please click on Place Order.

If not, please click on Previous to update your purchases or details.

Step 5

The following screen is to enter your credit card details to complete the order.  These are mandatory fields.

  • Card Number
    Credit card number with no spaces or dash characters
  • Expiry Date
    Credit card expiration date
  • Credit Card CCV
    The CCV is normally a 3 digit number printed on the Magnetic Stripe on the rear of the Credit Card.

And once entered then click on


Step 6

You will receive a tax invoice/receipt for your records by email.  For event purchases, confirmation emails will also be sent to the attendee.