Introduction to Online Learning

Moodle is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that is used by universities and education institutes around the world. Moodle has been chosen as the platform to provide on-line education to members of the API in the form of the eLearning program.

The benefit of utilising the on-line style of learning is that the learning is self-paced, the material can be read and re-read a number of times and the material can be accessed 24/7 by members.

In order to utilise the on-line learning, it is a requirement to have

  • A computer of relevant age and technology
  • A reliable connection to the Internet
  • Ability to access the education website
  • Access to course material

This short guide will introduce you to Moodle, the API’s Learning Management System, so you can understand how to work within the system and maximise your learning experience.

The terms Moodle and eLearning are the same – the online learning system used by API

Moodle is a repository for learning materials.    

It doesn’t think, it doesn’t make decisions, and it doesn’t understand if you ‘change your mind!’

Once you press ‘submit’ for anything on Moodle it is stored in the repository and you cannot change it.

If you need to change something after you’ve pressed submit, you need to contact and one of the systems administrators can go in and change it for you.