I would like to be more involved with the API. How do I express interest in sitting on the Board or a Committee of the API?

The API is governed by a National Board consisting of seven (7) elected directors who are Members of the API and up to two (2) appointed directors who are Independent persons with skills that add value to the Board.

As a Member you may be eligible to be nominated for election to the Board at the next AGM.  As per the Constitution, the API will put a call out to all Members to nominate for a position on the API Limited Board.  The nomination must be supported by two (2) financial Members of the API.  All nominations will be reviewed by the Nominations Committee who will determine the eligibility of the candidate in conjunction with the API Limited skills matrix, to ensure appropriate representation on the Board.

There are also a number of other Committee’s being operated within the API which include, but are not limited to:

  • Governance and Strategy Committee,
  • Finance, Audit and Risk Committee,
  • Nominations Committee,
  • Divisional Councils,
  • Complaints Committee and
  • National Education Committee.

The Committees are operated in accordance with their respective Charter. 

If you are interested in checking the upcoming availability of a position on the API Limited Board and/or an API Committee, please regularly check the API website or contact the Policy and Project Administration Manager on (02) 6282 2411.