All API Members who undertake valuations of Australian property (intellectual, personal, real and leasehold property including plant and machinery) are required to hold a current Risk Management Module Completion Certificate from an API approved Risk Management Module.  Risk Management Module Completion Certificates last for three years from 31 December in the year of completion. 

The number of parts which must be completed is determined by your previous completion of Risk Management Module:

  • Participants who are yet to complete an RMM must complete Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 (5 CPD points)
  • Participants who have already completed an RMM must complete Part 2 & Part 3 (3 CPD points).  Participants who have already completed an RMM are welcome to complete Part 1, however, such completion is not mandatory.

Risk Management Module pricing structure

Part 1: Introduction to RMM only (2 CPD points)$75.00$125.00
Part 2 & 3: Workshop & Assessment only (3 CPD points)*$225.00$375.00
* Part 2 and Part 3 are included in the one price