The API presents our Specialist Water Valuer Professional Certificate.

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You are invited to partake in our Specialist Water Valuer Professional Certficate course which covers the history, politics and practicalities of the valuation of water as a separate asset.

Rural valuations are already a specialist area of practice, only made more so with the complex issues of water property rights and the valuation of irrigated land. Since the advent of the ‘unbundling’ of water and land, there are several entirely new asset classes, such as water shares, delivery shares, and water use licences.

This Professional Certificate is a blended-learning program that provides the specialist water-based education component to prepare participants for application for accreditation as Specialist Water Valuers, being Valuers with expert water knowledge and experience.

NB: This course is open to all interested participants, however only those who already hold Certified Practising Valuer status will be able to apply for accreditation following completion of the course. 

Learning Outcomes

1.Explain the history, politics and practicalities of the valuation of water as a separate asset
2.Demonstrate water asset valuation expertise relevant to your jurisdiction of:
  • Regulated and unregulated systems
  • Groundwater
  • Sustainability
  • Trading rules and zones
3.Exhibit practical water valuation techniques


Part 1
Introduction to Specialist Water Valuation

Format: Pre-workshop online module (2.5 CPD points)

  • Introduction to Water Rights and Trading in Australia
  • Water Rights in your jurisdiction
  • Case studies
  • Murray Darling Basin
  • Introduction to Water Broking
  • Resources
  • Quiz

Part 2
Specialist Water Valuation

Format: Face-to-Face Workshop (6 CPD points)

  • Introduction & Overview
  • Modelling water values
  • Market mega-trends (government policy – Murray Darling Basin Plan)
  • New water instruments
  • Market trends – supply & demand pressures between commodity types & irrigation districts
  • Corporate activity in water as an asset class
  • Panel – Overview of emerging trends and issues: state by state

Part 3
Post Workshop Assessment  

Format: Online Module (1 CPD point)

  • Overview/Refresher of introduction and workshop
  • Assessment Quiz
  • Resources

Full Course (9.5 CPD)

If you have not completed the Specialist Water Valuer course before you will need to complete all 3 sections of the program.  (CPV participants will then have the option to apply for accreditation to be awarded the title of Specialist Water Valuer – details on this will be provided at the workshops and within the online assessment module)

Workshops for other states are being scheduled for 2020.  Please complete the form below to register your interest.

Member: $895.00

Refresher (6 CPD) 

Current Specialist Water Valuers Only

As the refresher course for Specialist Water Valuer has not been run since 2014, those who have completed the course in the past are required to complete 

Part 2: Specialist Water Valuation Face-to-Face Workshop as a refresher if they wish to continue to be listed as a Specialist Water Valuer.

Please complete the Expression of Interest form below if you would like to complete this course.  

Introduction Only (2.5 CPD)

You can complete the Introduction to Specialist Water Valuation online module as a standalone CPD activity or as part of the full course.  This may be to become familiar with the process of water valuation or to decide if you then want to go on and do the full professional certificate course and/or accreditation.

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Full Certificate - Specialist Water Valuer Application

To gain the full professional certificate, you need to complete all 3 sections program and then apply for accreditation as a Specialist Water Valuer. Details on this will be provided at the workshops

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Expression of Interest

Please let us know if you are interested in the Part 2 workshop for the Specialist Water Valuer being held in your jurisdiction: