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Guidelines for API Declared State of Crisis/Emergency

State of Crisis/State of Emergency Declaration

Effective 8am AEST Monday 30 March 2020, the API Board has declared a State of Crisis/State of Emergency in accordance with the API Valuation Protocol – Guidelines For API Declared Time Of Crisis and/or State Of Emergency Impacting Physical Inspections Of Real Property dated 29 March 2020.

This decision has been made recognising the evolving COVID-19 health, economic and employment crisis in Australia.

Valuation Protocols, Supporting Documentation & Member Resources

API Valuation Protocol

ABFI ADDENDUM Special Instructions

PropertyPRO – Restricted Assesments

COVID-19 Pre-Inspection Questions

In order to assist our members, API has created a list of suggested additional COVID-19 Pre-Inspection Questions.

During the period of the API-declared Crisis/State of Emergency relating to COVID-19, we recommend valuers ask appropriate additional questions prior to agreeing to undertake an inspection. Here are some suggested questions:

  • “Is any occupant of the property, recent visitor, or anyone that the valuer will be meeting at the inspection subject to a quarantine order by health authorities?”
  • “Is any occupant of the property, recent visitor, or anyone that the valuer will be meeting at the inspection subject to self-quarantine or self-isolation protocols?”
  • “Is any occupant of the property or recent visitor suspected to have COVID-19?”
  • “Has any occupant of the property or recent visitor returned from travel outside of Australia within the last 14 days?”
  • “Is any occupant of the property, recent visitor, or anyone that the valuer will be meeting awaiting results or tested positive for COVID-19?”
  • “Is any occupant of the property advised to avoid contact with others?”

The answers provided should be noted on the valuer’s file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the API cancelling events?

The API is following government advice and has put a hold on all face-to-face events until  31 July 2020.  We are actively moving to hold as many of those as we can online and members already registered will be contacted to be given the option to access that recording as some events will not be live online due to the need for API to be flexible in its IT options and availability of webinar bookings with our preferred provider who is under increased demand.

What is the API doing to support Members?

The API will be holding a free member webinar which provides guidance and support on adapting to this uncertain environment. This webinar will provide links to many useful sources on a range of topics including business resilience and wellbeing.  We will also provide regular member updates as we did in early March with the member alerts regarding valuations and the risk of contact.

Will online be the same price as face-to-face?

The API will offer any face-to-face event moved to online at the same face-to-face price for the duration of this interim solution.

Will I get a refund if my event is postponed?

The API is actively working to hold any face-to-face event that is postponed in an online format around the same time it was scheduled to be held and we will offer you that option to ensure that you still receive the same educational benefit and support.  That online option will be available to be accessed at any time that suits you during 2020.  For events that are not being offered online (which is typically because they are more than 2 hours long, such as the SA rural conference and QLD rural conference)  we are looking at locking in a date in the second half of 2020 and will offer our members the option to move to that new date when it is known.

A refund of registration fees paid by those members registered for scheduled events to May 31 will be made available upon request.  Please contact your State Member Service Manager or call the office in your State or our 1800 number available on our website.

Is the Australian Property Institute operating business as usual?

Yes we are, however API has made the decision to close offices and instruct our staff to work remotely for the foreseeable future. 

All member services are still being provided, including Member Admissions and Chair Nominations.

The API is committed to ensuring members have access to all the CPD that is scheduled for 2020 so CPD compliance is not an issue in 2021.

Will I be notified if my event is postponed, cancelled or moved online?

Yes. You will receive event alerts as the information is received by the Member Service Manager in your state.

Our Communication team will also be sending regular Member Alerts, our event e-newsletter Eventful and Member News, so please ensure you are subscribed to all API e-newsletters.

As the situation is changing daily, the API and staff are doing their best to ensure you are informed and have options for continued professional development.

The Member Service Manager in your state is available should you have any additional questions.

I am a speaker at an event or conference, what should I do?

Please get in touch with whoever arranged this booking, they will be able to provide you with more details.

Will I be able to get a CPD exemption due to COVID-19?

The API wants to assure members we are doing our best to bring you appropriate education and sufficient options to complete your 20 CPD points before the year’s end, so exemptions are not being offered at this stage. Your patience is greatly appreciated as we work towards solutions such as free online content, webinars or postponing events until the latter half of 2020 (if safe to do so). As this situation is evolving on a daily basis, we are maintaining a fluid approach and developing new means for individuals to digest professional education to safeguard their business.

Is the API holding its Member committee meetings as usual?

Yes we are, however these meetings will take place via Microsoft Teams, the API’s online meeting platform. Your safety is our priority and we will keep you informed of any developments impacting committee meetings.

Your Member Service Manager or committee coordinator will be the best source of information, providing you with access to the meeting. We appreciate your patience as we work through these changes and we will advise you as soon as we are able to.

What we're doing about events in 2020

In response to the current pandemic, API has committed to delivering all upcoming events until 31 July 2020 in an online format.

API is still committed to delivering a high-quality continuing education program for Members to ensure your professional skills are maintained. Having an online component to our education delivery has always been important to us, and now we need to pivot so that all content is made available online for Members. To have a look at what we are already offering, please visit our Knowledge Hub.

For those who have registered for an event that is being postponed or cancelled, your local Member Services Managers are already individually contacting you to offer either a transfer, credit or refund.

API will also work with our event and industry partners to ensure the transition from face-to-face to online is as seamless as possible.

Despite the significant challenges presented by the pandemic, API is fortunate that we are able to transition online and continue to meet our Members’ professional development needs.

We encourage any members to contact their local Member Service Manager if they need any assistance accessing online content. Meanwhile API will continue to monitor the situation and provide members with regular updates.

How we’re supporting your education

We’re offering a range of webinars focusing on business protection and resilience.

Free API Member Assistance Program

This confidential service has been selected by the API to enhance work-life balance and Member care values. If you require support and would like to make a free appointment, you can call Converge on 1300 687 327.

Review information about Converge here.

Lifeline Australia: 13 11 14

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