Part of the Reflexive Matrix Program - A Course in Reflective & Reflexive Practice

Reflective Practice Module, a new online tool to help Members record informal learning and deepen the impact of formal learning while gaining additional CPD points.  Each entry in the Module carries 1 CPD point (up to 10 per year can be claimed) and this can be in addition to points gained from attending an event, or be a means of gaining CPD points from attending networking events, informal learning from work meetings, etc. 

This is a course in reflective - and reflexive - practice. 

Reflection involves the development of your capacities for building more powerful understandings of particular problems, challenges, puzzles etc. in your personal and professional life, and helps you build strategies for acting on those understandings. When you engage in reflective practice you think things through in a considered and systematic way, typically in a quiet space away from the immediate pressures of day-to-day social and professional life.

Reflexive practice takes this process a step further. In reflexive practice you not only seek better understandings, you seek to understand how you form those understandings. You enquire into your assumptions, your beliefs, and your thinking methods, and you aim to refine these, or even radically overturn them, as necessary. 

This course introduces you to the fundamental ideas of reflective & reflexive practice, and then works you through a range of considerations in a series of 20 'cells', with an emphasis on plain English explanation, and a focus on learning by doing.

This is a one-off starter fee of $100 which gives you unlimited access to the Be Understood or Be Overlooked e-textbook and the Influence Dimensions Online Self-Assessment Tool.  Each cell/module thereafter is $30 and worth 1 CPD point (Non-Property)

CPD Points: 1 (Non-Property)

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