Spatial Analysis

Part of the Future Property Professionals Program

The Future Property Professionals Program was developed and implemented by the API to provide graduates with quality education and a training pathway from academic excellence to property professional competency. Designed by property professionals, educators and technical experts the program focuses on the skills required to prosper in a dynamic professional environment.  

About the Spatial Analysis Module

The Spatial Analysis module introduces you to spatial data, geographic information systems and spatial analysis. To undertake spatial analysis, you first need spatial data to work on and geographic information systems to work within.

This module is not intended to make you an expert in spatial analysis and GIS. That takes years of learning and experience. However, it is hoped that you can take away from this module an appreciation of the value of exploiting the location in your data, and an understanding of the wide scope of spatial analysis, the power it possesses and the possibilities that it presents. 

CPD Points: 2

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