Our brain governs how we focus, live, stress, worry, smile, sleep, love, learn, cope and much more, so when we fall into unhelpful thinking styles the affect this has on us is all encompassing. This session provides an overview an evidence based model for wellbeing and then delves deeper into different types of unhelpful thinking styles and how to shift and reframe them to become more helpful. Specifically it looks at how we can change our response to stress and high pressure situations, to avoid viewing them as a threat and instead view them as a challenge. Through practical strategies this shift not only improves our psychological resilience but also flips the physical impacts of stress from detrimental to positive.

•    Introduction to an evidence-based model for strengthening resilience and developing mental fitness
•    Explore the concept of personal control and how participants can strengthen their internal locus of control
•    Learn techniques to control the performance zone throughout the day, as well as manage recovery at the end of the day
•    Explore what participants current stress mindset is and how this affects their physical health and wellbeing
•    Tune into the body’s early warning system to identify when their mind has engaged the sympathetic nervous system to assist them in rising to the challenge at hand
•    Development of a Personal Wellbeing Action Plan


Dr Rachel Clements, Director of Psychological Services, Centre for Corporate Health

Moderator: Dr Rachel Baird, General Manager, Professional Development and Education, API

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