This is the Introduction to the Specialist Water Valuer Professional Certificate and can be done as a standalone module or as part of the full course and certificate.

The module introduces participants to the concepts and terminology of water valuation and trading. The module covers

  • Introduction to Water Rights and Trading in Australia
  • Water Rights in your jurisdiction (to complete this module you need to complete the section of water rights in your jurisdiction, but you can do more than one of theses sections if you wish)
  • Introduction to Water Rights and Trading in the Murray Darling Basin
  • Webinar recording on water trading
  • Case studies on water in your jurisdiction
  • Resources
  • A short quiz to finish the module 

NB:  Only Victorian jurisdiction resources are available at present.  The other state resources will be added mid-January 2019.

When you have completed the module, you then have the option on going on to do the full course and/or certificate if you wish.  

If you have questions or experience problems at any stage, please contact us at

$375.00 *
$375.00 *
* Price includes GST where applicable